Costumes: S'More, Shrimp, Corn and Burrito

Costumes: S'More, Shrimp, Corn and Burrito

Carrie McBride
Oct 6, 2010

Another edition of food costumes - too cute to eat though! Click the thumbnail photo to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.


aka: Josiah (6 months)
location: Arden Hills, MN
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Cardboard, brown paper bag, felt, white sheet, cotton stuffing, ribbon, tracing wheel, double sided tape, hot glue gun and sewing machine

description: I cut two 8"x9" rectangles for the graham crackers and two 10"x9" rectangles for the chocolate. The sizes will depend on the size of your child. I covered the crackers with a brown paper bag and ran the tracing wheel down the middle to make the perforations. Then I poked holes with a toothpick in each side, copying the pattern on a graham cracker. The larger two rectangles were covered in dark brown felt and then attached to the back side of the graham cracker with double sided tape, entering the cracker on the chocolate. For the marshmallow, I drew a rectangle cloud like shape on the sheets. I sewed them together inside out, stuffed like you would a pillow and then hand stitched it closed. I hot glued white ribbon to the back side of the chocolate pieces for shoulder straps and then taped the marshmallow pillow onto the back side of the chocolate. I dressed my son in all white so he would blend in with the marshmallow. And there you have the cutest s'more ever!
Thanks Lacy!

Shrimp Tempura

aka: Lucy (5.5 months)
location: Washington, D.C.
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: tyvek, a small brad and watercolor paint (although I should have used acrylics)

description: You can see details on my blog.
Thanks Caroline!

Corn Cob

aka: Oliver (8.5 months)
location: New Brunswick, CA
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Two adult yellow sweaters (used, slightly different shades of yellow), one adult green sweater (used), one hat to fit your baby, pipe cleaners, one green shirt to fit your baby, one pair of green pants to fit your baby

description: I really winged it but here is some idea: For the body (or "husks") - Cut pieces out of a sweater that are pointed at the top (like corn husks) and shaped on the bottom so they will come together between the baby's legs. This was a little trial and error but you could model this after a bunting bag and just add the leg holes. Cut out and stitch around the leg holes so they don't unravel. Fold down the edges of the tops of the "husks" around pipe cleaners to make them pliable, so they can be shaped. Pin and sew. (You can't see these well in the picture). Out of the same green sweater material, add cuffs to the arms of the baby's green shirt and around the neck. This is optional - just an added touch. Make the corn niblets by cutting circles out of fabric. Sew loose stitches around the edge of the circle and then gather, creating a ball. Stuff with batting and then sew shut. I made balls of different sizes so the niblets would be smaller at the top. Sew a few of the niblets to the front of the shirt, where the husks are opened and the shirt exposed. Sew the niblets onto the hat using a few stitches. I also had to sew the niblets to each other (on the sides) to make them sit properly on the hat.
Thanks Candice!

Baby Burrito

aka: Grant (almost 3 months)
location: Torrance, CA
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Felt, cotton cloth, paint, markers, hot glue

description: Stippled some paint onto some cotton cloth to make a tortilla wrap. Used felt and hot glue to create a lettuce, tomato, and cheese cap, as if the stuffing were falling out of the burrito.
Thanks Marshelle!

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