Could Get Your House Burglarized?

Could Get Your House Burglarized?

Taryn Williford
Feb 22, 2010

We're sure you've heard about the recently-over-discussed The site is an aggregation of public Twitter messages posted from destination-check-in game FourSquare, letting everyone know when the tweeter isn't home. Now everyone's wondering: Could it be compromising your safety?

Foursquare aims to help you explore your city by earning points and unlocking badges by traveling to new places and 'checking in.' But it's been getting lots of bad press since has seen the light of screen. As CNET puts it:

If you're pushing a "check-in" from Gowalla, Brightkite, or Foursquare to a local restaurant out to your public Twitter stream, you're broadcasting that you aren't home. Which could be taken to mean that your home is ripe for burglary.

But gadget blog ShinyShiny has a different take. Leaving your house every day in a routine that probably never changes is more harmful than participating in FourSquare or any of it's similar-feeded friends.

What do you think, readers? Is FourSquare harmless, or does have a point?

In my opinion, playing FourSquare is no more dangerous than making dinner plans on your Facebook wall. But I think that tweeters should take care not to "check in" at their friends' homes and ask their fellow FourSquare'ers to do the same. Broadcasting your address or your home's GPS coordinates is never a good idea.

(Image: Flickr User Warzauwynn under license from Creative Commons.)

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