Couples: How do you create a space together?

Couples: How do you create a space together?

Oct 31, 2008

Laure recently posted on the trials couples face living in separate spaces, which got us thinking about what happens when you decide to move in together. There are many challenges to co-habitation with a loved one, who cleans the bathroom, dealing with different levels of tidiness and sharing wardrobe space are some of the usual suspects. One we didn't really anticipate that is coming up more often now that we're putting extra effort into our apartment design, is how to make it representative of both inhabitants.

It can be hard when one of you is more interested in the interior and the other only knows what they don't like. Or if you both have very strong, conflicting tastes. Worse case scenario is when one partner does something major that the other hates. To avoid this communicate and share ideas before you enact them. Here are our thoughts so far on harmonious co-habitation:

  • Generally neither partner will be comfortable in an overly feminine or masculine environment, so aim for a gender neutral style.
  • Make sure you each have space to display meaningful personal objects.
  • Create a mood board together to establish a style that represents both of you.
  • Major pieces or areas like couches, walls, floors & rugs and bedspreads should be decided on together, as these have a big impact on how a room feels.
  • Take time to play house together. Moving furniture around the room 'just to see' is a great way to engage a less interested partner.
  • Make a rule that all ideas are valid and be open to trying things.
  • Aim for compromise, because ultimately you both have to be happy in your home.
  • How have you approached designing your home as a couple?

    Image from the Howard Lawson Art Deco Apartment tour

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