Couroc: A Collector’s Item

updated May 9, 2019
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101608couroc-05.jpgWe were back east this summer when our grandparents moved into smaller living quarters. We were allowed to have items that were considered extraneous and knew exactly what to call our own–this vintage Courac Tray. We had no idea it was a collector’s item until yesterday…

When we were in Santa Monica yesterday having lunch with a friend, we wandered into Poolside, a vintage store carrying a tray similar to our newly acquired tray from grandma’s house. We turned it over and there was a sticker that read, “Unique Couroc products are cherished gifts because of their great variety and beauty in design. Hand inlaid by master craftsmen, shells, coins, woods and metals are fused into Couroc’s famous satin black material which is impervious to alcohol, boiling water, and cigarette burns.”

The first thing we did after returning home was flip over our black tray and sure enough, the Couroc sticker was on the back. Which of course led to us frantically searching online where we uncovered an interesting article entailing the Couroc legacy.

Apparently the Couroc Company was based in Monterey, California from 1948 up until the early 1990s. You can find the items scouring vintage and thrift stores but you’ll probably have the best odds with Ebay, Etsy and Poolside for starters.

[Image from Turkeychik]

And the best part (besides the awesome designs) are the prices. Most of the Couroc trays on Ebay were going for $9.99. An almost exact copy of our tree tray was priced at $25.00–and it was a signed copy.

[Image from Tigerluxe]

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