Cover Your House in Solar Ivy—Coming Soon!

Every single building we spot with a solar cell on it makes us grin. It means that the world is getting closer and closer to making solar energy a viable resource. But solar power for private residences still seems like a far-fetched idea for the average pocketbook. But if Pepsi has anything to do with it, you might see Solar Ivy growing off the neighbor’s trellis soon.

Instead of a few big solar panels, Solar Ivy is a system of a bunch of tiny ones. The result is a solar energy plan that is cheaper to produce, cheaper to replace, and can still put out enough power to make a dent in your energy bill. The only problem is that for right now, it’s a concept.

But Solar Ivy is developed by SMIT, Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology, and SMIT is in the running for a Pepsi Refresh grant of $50,000 to make Solar Ivy a reality. As their site says, “We are currently finalizing the first commercially available version of Solar Ivy. Please contact us for investment opportunities or sales information.

So what would that mean for us? Well, Solar Ivy has the advantage of being modular and customizable to adapt to most building types, sizes, orientations and latitudes—residential solar energy will no longer be limited to McMansions with eastward facing roof panes.

So you might just see Solar Ivy growing like a weed in the urban jungle you call home.