I Finally Found a Cozy Sectional That’s Small Space-Friendly and So Easy to Clean

published May 31, 2024
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I’ve been on the hunt for a new couch for a solid year now — you can ask any of my friends or coworkers, and they’ll confirm it! I wasn’t just looking for any run-of-the-mill couch, though; I was looking for a comfortable sectional that was modular (so it could fit up my complicated staircase) and was aesthetically pleasing. So, as you can imagine, the hunt for a sofa that met this criteria was a long one. But alas, I found a couch that matched my vision, was delivered in a few heaps of boxes, and was high-quality and a looker: Enter Cozey’s Ciello Sofa.

If the Ciello looks familiar to you, you’ve likely seen it advertised on Instagram or while scrolling through TikTok. I know I had numerous times, which is one of the reasons I was so intrigued to try it out for myself. Thankfully, those ads won me over, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my sofa-in-a-box (which is shockingly way more high-quality than a lot of other furniture pieces I own). It gave my living room a much-needed upgrade, and I’m so happy with the result — it has the same vibe as Restoration Hardware’s popular Cloud Sofa (for, like, way less). 

Quick Overview

A Quick Look at Cozey’s Ciello Sofa

  • A modular sofa that comes in a set of boxes.
  • Features wide and deep seats that you can sink into.
  • Has washable and removable covers made out of performance or chenille fabric.
  • Its frame is made of solid pine wood. 
  • Each seat can be ordered individually, with the option to build it as you need. 
  • Easy to put together and requires no tools.

Design Features That Stand Out

This sofa isn’t your typical cheaply made apartment piece that barely lasts two years. It’s the real deal. Crafted with a high-quality solid wood frame, it’s built to last. The performance fabric is resistant to stains and can be easily unzipped and washed in the washing machine. When it arrives, it’s delivered in manageable boxes, not too heavy, and can be assembled without any tools

Its cushions are filled with a soft foam blend and so incredibly comfortable that you may never want to leave. With its modern appearance, it looks like a purchase from a much fancier furniture store, and that’s what I love about it. Available in three neutral performance fabric colors and two chenille colors, the sofa has a shade to complement every home.

How It Performed

I’ve had this sofa for three months now, and I’ve cherished every moment spent sinking into its deep, cozy seats (hence the name). When it came time to swap out our old couches, we enlisted some help — a big shout-out to my friend’s brothers — and setting up this sofa was a breeze compared to our old one. It clicked together seamlessly, and you’d never guess it’s modular just by looking at it. So far, it’s been a joy to sit on, and all our guests, including those who’ve slept on it, have come back with rave reviews.

I opted for the Ciello sectional with six individual seats, and it’s been perfect for lounging. The only slightly odd thing was how the cushions broke in — the filling bunched up a bit over time, but it seems to have settled fine. Overall, this couch has been nothing short of a dream: comfortable for sleeping, dining, lounging, hosting, and binge-watching TV shows. It fits every need.

Credit: Haley Lyndes

What I Loved 

  • Modular design: This sofa came in individual boxes, making it easy to carry up my stairs. I appreciated that they were delivered in batches; it would have been overwhelming if they had all arrived at once (just to clarify, there were 15 boxes in total for my sectional). Plus, I loved that it didn’t require any tools to assemble — you simply snap it together!
  • Style and comfort: I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable this sofa is, and its design doesn’t look cheap at all. The performance fabric feels incredibly high quality, and the cushions are a dream to sink into. What’s more, it’s perfectly sized for smaller apartment living rooms, which is a rarity with sectional couches. It fits mine splendidly.

Good to Know 

I mentioned this earlier, but the Ciello sectional breaks in a little weird. No need to fret — the cushions will be okay. At first, however, they do begin to look a little chunky. Trust the process, though; it all smooths out over time!

Should You Buy the Ciello Sofa?

My experience with the Ciello Sofa has been incredibly positive. Trust me, I’ve recommended it to a handful of people in similar positions. It’s an especially great choice for:

  • Those who live in apartments that have narrow doors or stairways. 
  • Those looking for an affordable option: It’s cheaper in comparison to other sofas on the market with similar features.
  • Those looking for a cloud-like sofa that has deep, cozy seats you’ll sink into. 

Where to Buy the Ciello Sofa

The Ciello Sofa is available exclusively at Cozey.

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