15 Soothing Amazon Finds Under $25 For Instant Comfort and Coziness

published Nov 6, 2020
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Credit: Kristan Lieb

Winter is inching closer, which means that it’s a perfect time to make sure your home is as cozy as possible for months to come. You might be prioritizing festive decorations or stocking up on plenty of flannel sheets. Whatever your operative, there’s bound to be a corner or two you’ve overlooked. Or perhaps you’ve had a stressful day and you’re looking for a quick way to unwind and achieve peak comfort, quickly.

We rounded up 15 finds on Amazon that all come in at under $25. You can cozy up under a blanket, throw on some leg warmers, or whip up a delicious cake in a warm and inviting kitchen. From candles to tea, chicken noodle soup to mugs, you’ll find everything you need for the coziest winter ever, and a boosted mood no matter the weather.

Not a Snuggie by name, but in feeling, this plush blanket comes in 19 different colors and three styles, including a version with an extra-cozy faux sherpa lining. Go ahead, rock it during your next Zoom meeting. Your coworkers will understand.

With six varieties of caffeine-free teas to choose from, this is a tea lover’s dream for soothing sips. Studies show that warm drinks could help to improve our moods, and this pack of 96 tea bags total will help you keep the cozy vibe going for months.

With all that tea, you’re going to need a new mug to go with it. This ceramic tumbler is microwave-safe and comes with a lid and sleeve so you can take your beverage of choice on a walk, if you’d like.

The weather is getting colder, which makes it a perfect time to invest in a cozy new pair of slippers. This pair is made from plush fabric and features a rippled EVA bottom, which is key to keep yourself from slipping on cold morning floors.

The Apartment Therapy team is very pro-candle, and you can’t get much cozier than this two-pack of soothing lavender candles. The Mrs. Meyer’s brand is one you can trust, and these candles come highly rated. Light one in whichever room you’re curled up in, for a scent that throws really well.

If your idea of self-care is watching your favorite movie for the 100th time while soothing stressed skin, this clay face mask set from Bioré is perfect for you. It features four individually-sized packets of a soothing clay mask that warms on contact, opening pores that much more for maximum gunk extraction. It’s also oil-free and noncomedogenic to help your skin if you’ve been dealing with face mask-induced acne lately.

This throw blanket is as cheery as it is cozy. It comes in 11 different colorways, but the yellow options will add a pop of color to any room. At a generous 51 by 67 inches, it’s just right for cuddling up on the couch—and might even have space left over to share.

Flannel pajamas are always a good idea, and this set from Amazon Essentials fits the bill. Each piece is breathable enough for even the warmest sleeper, and the long-sleeved cotton tee is streamlined enough to pass as a regular T-shirt should you want to work all day in your PJs.

If you’re preparing for a long, socially distanced winter, you’re probably looking for crafts and other hobbies to pull you through. Try this book by A Cozy Kitchen blogger Adrianna Adarme—it’s filled with DIY ideas and recipes for year-round comfort.

If there was a checklist for cozy, this baking kit would tick all the boxes. It comes with gingerbread cookie mix that’s bound to make your home smell as good as the cookies taste, and enough decoration options so you can spend all afternoon designing your ideal gingerbread cookie.

With enough skeins of yarn to weave rainbows several times over, this crochet kit has everything you’ll need to master the craft. It also includes two crochet hooks, needles to finish off your work, and helpful digital guides for novices and experts alike.

If you’d like to spend all winter baking delicious treats, pick up a copy of “Black Girl Baking” by Jerrelle Guy. It’s a Kitchn-approved guide to cookies, cakes, and dozens of other sweet treats, all of which are as comforting as they are delicious.

Kits that allow you to make your own homemade soup are delicious, and comfy-cozy. And pasta shaped like chickens to float around in your chicken-flavored broth? Well, that’s just delightful.

Channel the ’80s with these extra-long leg warmers. They’ll fit snugly over leggings or bare legs, and feature a sweet lettuce-edge ruffle that won’t hurt your thighs.

Sometimes even adults need hugs from cozy stuffed animals. This pal comes in at a portable 14 inches, so while it can’t provide the hug of a giant decorative teddy, it’s proof that comfort comes in small packages, too.