Splurge or Save: Should You Buy This Oprah-Favorite Brand’s $400 Comforter or the Under-the-Radar $45 Alternative?

published Feb 6, 2024
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comforter comparison cozy earth vs bare home
Credit: Photos: Cozy Home, Bare Earth; Design: Apartment Therapy

It’s never a bad time to become a smarter consumer. The ultimate goal, after all, is to love and use everything you own. This is easier said than done — some items are easy to return, donate, or give to a friend, while other product categories, such as bedding, aren’t so easy to pass off once you’ve already used them. In any case, you want your bedsheets and coverings to be comfortable, so it’s best to nail your purchase on the first try. But when you don’t have the time, energy, or access to view a wide variety of bedding in person, what should you do? Luckily, you have our Splurge or Save series, which compares two editor-tested and loved products that serve the same purpose but retail for different prices. 

In this installment, we’re looking at comforters. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should go for a luxe duvet or save your cash and go with a cheaper option, you’re in the right place. We’ll be going over Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose comforter (which is an Oprah-approved brand!) and comparing it to Bare Home’s reversible down alternative comforter to help you determine whether you should splurge or save.

Credit: Photos: Cozy Home, Bare Earth; Design: Apartment Therapy

Cozy Earth vs. Bare Home

The bedding market is saturated, yet Cozy Earth will forever remain an editor favorite because of its high-quality products and eco-friendly materials. We’ve tested and fallen in love with a number of items from the brand, including their bestselling comforter. But if you’re not looking to spend $500 on a bed covering, consider Bare Home’s $45 alternative. Britt, our Best List editor, has tried both, so keep reading to learn how the two compared.

Overview of Cozy Earth’s Comforter

This bedding staple comes in two fills, although we prefer the bamboo viscose option. Made from the pulp of eucalyptus, bamboo, and other trees, the material is durable, moisture-wicking, and long-lasting. Cozy Earth claims that these qualities, along with other standout characteristics, are the reason for the comforter’s hefty price tag. Sleepers will also find that the bamboo viscose comforter regulates temperature, helping keep the heat at bay. Britt is a hot sleeper, so it’s no wonder she opted to try it.

“I love that the comforter doesn’t trap heat, so I’m not pushing it off my legs in the middle of the night or dealing with night sweats,” she wrote in her review. “It also kept me warm during the cold months without making my bedding extra bulky.” Britt went on to describe the comforter as soft and luxurious, not to mention great for year-round use with the standard fill. Of course, if you run cold or are looking for something specifically for the chillier months, you can always opt for extra fill.

As for its appearance, the comforter only comes in standard white, and Cozy Earth recommends that you pair it with a duvet cover to prolong its lifespan. (This is where its built-in anchor loops come in handy.) Dry- and spot-cleaning are recommended instead of machine washing, so that’s a major factor to keep in mind. If you’re after something low-maintenance, this won’t be the bed cover for you. But if temperature regulation is a huge factor for you, the comforter’s demanding care tag will be easy to overlook.

Overview of Bare Home’s Comforter

Like Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose comforter, Bare Home’s reversible down alternative comforter won a spot on our Best List after Britt tested it. Specifically, it took the “Best Budget-Friendly category,” which comes as no surprise when you consider its $45 price tag. We understand that this might give you pause; inexpensive bedding all too frequently feels stifling and plasticky. But that wasn’t the case with this pick.

“For an affordable comforter, I’d say this one from Bare Home holds up pretty well!” noted Britt. “It has about the same plushness as the average comforter, so I didn’t find it to be too hot, which was a plus. This is a good-quality, basic comforter that would be great to buy if you don’t want to spend a ton on a luxury find.” You’ll also appreciate its box stitch design, which keeps the down alternative fill evenly distributed and aids in the aforementioned temp regulation. On the outside, the comforter sports a brushed microfiber shell, which is every bit as soft as it sounds. (The hydro-brushing technique used also means it won’t succumb to rips or tears easily.)

Unlike Cozy Earth’s comforter, this one comes in 11 reversible colors — notably, not including white. If you prefer a neutral aesthetic for your bedroom, this might not be your cup of tea. But for those looking to add a pop of color to their bedding setup, the Bare Home option is perfect. If you get bored of sand, for instance, you can flip it to taupe! Despite its colorful design, the comforter can, of course, be paired with a duvet cover. It, too, boasts anchor loops to help you secure it inside. Oh, and did we mention this one is machine-washable?

The Verdict

It’s tough to say which comforter someone should choose without knowing what kind of sleeper they are. “The Cozy Earth comforter is a great pick for hot sleepers because it’s breathable and regulates temperature throughout the night.” Britt said. “Cozy Earth is also one of those bedding brands that I believe is worth the splurge, and I’ve said as much to all of my family!” Although the bamboo viscose comforter isn’t OEKO-TEX certified or formally labeled as hypoallergenic like the Bare Home pick, its moisture-wicking material will help to reduce the occurrence of itchy throats and watery eyes come pollen season.

Despite her love for Cozy Earth, Britt also can’t help but praise Bare Home’s budget-friendly bedding. “It’s not an excessively heavy comforter, so it’s great for all types of sleepers, even though it’s not cool to the touch,” she said. “Bare Home is also an extremely affordable brand that buyers can trust to provide a good-quality product suitable for the whole family, whether you’re at home or in a dorm.”

In short, if you want a luxe covering to spiff up your bed and don’t mind dry-cleaning it every once in a while, go with Cozy Earth. Even at full price, their comforter will pay for itself, thanks to its long-lasting material. On the flip side, we recommend Bare Home if you want something you can pop in the wash and use year-round — especially if you live in a busy household and share bedding with others. The two-toned, wrinkle-resistant comforter is straightforward yet stylish, so you can’t go wrong.

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