Cracker Barrel Putting An Electric Car in Your Home?

Cracker Barrel Putting An Electric Car in Your Home?

Taryn Williford
Dec 1, 2010

Do you have an electric car yet? No, probably not. Although most people are down with the whole reducing-our-nation's-dependency-on-oil thing, it's still way more convenient to drive a traditional gasoline-guzzling car (if you even have to drive one at all). But that's about to change—and we never would have guessed who might push us over the tipping point.

Cracker Barrel has always been a popular stop for interstate travelers. So it makes sense that the Tennessee-based restaurant chain known for good, southern home cookin' (Yes, cookin'. With an "n'.") would get behind a revolutionary transportation technology by providing an infrastructure for electric cars.

In Cracker Barrel's stores...

Cracker Barrel announced today that 24 of its Tennessee stores will soon be fitted with electric-vehicle chargers, provided by ECOtality, Inc.

No it's not the first ever public electric car charging station (New York City and Washington D.C. each got charging stations earlier this year), but it's the first time that this hi-tech transportation has gone so low-brow—and so rural.

...and in your driveway.

The few electric vehicle charging stations there are in the US are situated in big, urban areas. The Cracker Barrel project brings those stations to the desolate interstate corridors between Tennessee's mini-metropolises of Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.

They're starting to provide a wide-spread infrastructure that makes it possible for urban dwellers like us to adopt an electric car as a primary vehicle—you know, for those times we actually leave the house on holiday.

Since experts agree that a sufficient infrastructure is the only thing stopping electric car technology from taking over, this could be the first step towards a transportation revolution.

So while you're out for grits on the trip home from Christmas, take a second to say "thanks, Cracker Barrel!"

(Electric car image: Flickr user hddod under license from Creative Commons)

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