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Power of Procrastination: Using Cleaning Supplies for Craft Projects, Instead

published Apr 5, 2016
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(Image credit: The Nester)

As an official fan of procrastination and an expert in extreme anti-housekeeping measures, I urge you to consider these alternate applications for your cleaning supplies, sprays, and scrubbing tools. Arguably, they are put to better use as awesome DIY decor instead. Thank you for your time.

The Nester knows what I’m talking about. She created this beautiful fiber art wall, and it all started with a $3 mop head. That’s budget creativity at its finest.

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(Image credit: Sweet Paul)

Similarly, Sweet Paul turned a series of dyed mop heads into a seriously large and dramatic wall hanging. Just imagine. They all could have been reduced to swishing around in dirt instead.

(Image credit: Bethany Merth)

Using a feather duster, you can create a custom paint pattern. This abstract piece of canvas became artwork for Brittany Merth’s bedroom, but you can do something similar for fabric for curtains or pillows.

(Image credit: The Painted Hive)

Try your hand at block printing some fabric to make into bedding, curtains, or throw pillows. The Painted Hive used a household sponge as a DIY stamp pad. So much more fun than doing dishes.

(Image credit: Say Yes)

This beautiful blue marbled fabric made with bleach by Say Yes can be turned into a wall tapestry, curtains or pillows as well.