Makers Spotlight: The Crafter’s Box

published Mar 14, 2019
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I can’t remember how I first heard about Morgan Spenla and the company she’d started just a few years ago, The Crafter’s Box, but something made me stop, check out the site and call her up to find out what she was doing. What she was doing was building a company in her hometown of San Diego around a personal passion and a professional belief that crafting is a true antidote for our web addled world. Sure, there are a lot of crafting sources, but she’s attacked it differently and uniquely by solving the problem of how to find truly great instruction paired with truly great supplies.

Working out of her San Diego studio, she invites her all-time favorite crafters (she’s the original fangirl, which is how you know she’s right) to her studio and videotapes them while they carefully teach you what to do. You use the same tools and supplies that they have because they chose them and Morgan sent them to you. This is like bingeing on “Game of Thrones,” but crafting.

Finally, she’s tied it all together into a “box of the month” club, which you can do solo or in group boxes with friends. Or, you can simply dive in and do a one-off craft from her video library and pick your way around.

Check out the video we shot of her in NYC above. She will explain everything. And you can learn more about The Crafter’s Box here.

One more thing. Since day one, I’ve always loved finding new amazing sources for learning, doing, and buying things that enliven the home. This is one of them, and I’m eager to discover more, get them into our studio and get them out to our readers. If you have a great one, let us know!