Craigslist Bummer: Mid-Century Modern Seller Raises Price!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
This just in. Remember that
Mid-C Modern desk that we featured on Hot or Not? Well despite the fact that the crowd almost split on whether it was hot or not, the seller decided it was going for too little and has relisted it at a higher price. Sort of a shame. Just sell the thing!

Here’s Marie, who just emailed us:

I saw this desk originally on Scavenger – so I send the guy an email to ask the dimensions and check out his reply!

Still no dimensions, just an $260 increase in price WEEKS later! What a scam!

And here’s Boaz Halaban, the seller:


Thanks very much for your interest in my Mid Century Modern desk. After further discussion with people who are more knowledgeable in antique furniture than I am, I have raised the price of the desk to $450 (which is still under what it is valued). If you are still interested please take a look at the new Craigslist posting, with some additional pictures. Thanks.

(Thanks, Marie!) MGR