Crate Shelf by Martin Born

Always a fan of modular shelving, the Crate Shelf from designer Martin Born was one of my favorite designs on display at Helsinki’s Habitare show.

The design is honest (I appreciate that you can see the screws) and straightforward — metal shelving of different sizes that work proportionally with each other.

From Martin Born: The Crate shelf is a storage system based on the proportional grid of masonry bricks. By adopting their faculty to align both longitudinally and transversely, it allows for the design of storage units that extend into all three dimensions.

Like the Muunto system I profiled yesterday, Crate Shelf is spot on with the colors — a mix of cool pastels and intensely saturated color is very fresh. This is a shelving system I wanted to play around with to see what I could create, LEGO-like.

Crate Shelf was featured in the Protoshop at Habitare — a showcase of design prototypes from designers working in Finland. I’d love to see Crate Shelf available to consumers (especially, me)!

You can see more of Martin Born’s design on his site: Martin Born“>Martin Born.

(Images: Aaron Able, Martin Born)