Crazy Clock Time Numeri

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We take great pride in the fact that we can still tell time from a glance at an analog clock face, even though they are becoming rare.

What’s more, we worry that future generations will lose the ability, along with the memory of the simpler life we all led before answering machines and voice mail.

So we think that if you’re going to have an analog clock in your home (and you should if you have kids), you should flaunt it a little.

This one makes a bold graphic statement and will have guests doing double-takes. It’s actually a little unsettling until you realize that you can still tell the time from it. Then it’s comforting.

Crazy Clock (or Time Numeri) is an Italian design by Dario Serio and is $93 at Unica home.

Wende said: “Ack! I think that clock just triggered some form of time-telling asphasia. Of course, I was the five-year-old who refused to learn to “tell time” because my parents had a digital clock-radio, and that told me the time just fine without all this nonsense about “the big hand” and “the little hand.”

And Sarah agreed: “Wende, I have a friend with exactly the same outlook on analog clocks, digital all the way!!!”

Edited from a post that originally appeared 5.11.06