Oh Just 136 Tiny Little Reasons We're Cuckoo For Clocks

Oh Just 136 Tiny Little Reasons We're Cuckoo For Clocks

Jason Yang
Aug 1, 2011

Hang on tight for 136 of the coolest and craziest clocks as featured in Unplggd - It doesn't get any bigger than this! We've got cool clocks, unique clocks, DIY clocks, concept clocks, alarm clocks, clock radios, clock guns, Harry Potter clocks, LEGO clocks, Salvidor Dali clocks, and Steampunk clocks. We've got bicycle clocks, Star Wars clocks clock videos, Mac clocks, flip clocks, Pong clocks, and screen saver clocks. We've got 'em all! Forgive us if for any replicates, it's a BFL (big f'n list).

1) Final Frame: Swing Clocks

2) Chronotronix IN-18 Nixie Clock for Old Time's Sake

3) Nixie Concrete Clock

4) Hot or Not? The Nixie GPS Clock

5) Old World Nixie Tube Clock: A Unique Timepiece

6) Two New Faces of the Flip Clock: Free or Expensive?

7) Final Frame: One Perfect Cube Clock

8) Final Frame: "365" the Knitting Clock

9) It's an Awesome Clock, But it's Not $1200-Awesome

10) Final Frame: Toki Woki Scroll Clock

11) Final Frame: The Magnetic Digits Clock

12) Final Frame: Strobeshnik Hard Drive Clock

13) Final Frame: The Catena Clock

14) The Many Different Faces of Retro Flip Clocks

15) i.relax Aroma Diffuser by Oregon Scientific

16) Le Corbusier Homage Clock Expands as Time Passes

17) Cool (and Giant!) Desktop Flip Clock

18) Verbarius Clock Gets Conversational

19) Real Time Canvas Clock

20) Tendril Vision Clock Wants to Save You Money

21) Geek Clock: You Might Need a Translator

22) Two More Brilliant Mac Clocks

23) Canvasworks Tell Time and Let You Plug In

24) HD Display Clock Amuses & Confuses

25) Kitchen Range Features Giant Clock Face

26) Digits Calendars & "Will Return" Clocks

27) Hot or Not? Clock made from a Recycled Bike Wheel

28) The Bed Embedded Clock Lets You Check Time Easily

29) Colorful Command Key Clocks

30) The Turntable Clock Recycles Old Tech

31) QLOCKTWO: A Reading Lovers' Way of Telling Time

32) Good Afternoon Clock: Hands Made Out of Light

33) Harc Lee's Time-Telling Wall Switch

34a) Bedol Eco-Friendly Water Clock
34b) Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock

35) 48 Hands on 24 Clocks Show 1 Time of Day

36) The Hand in Hand Clock Gives Time a New Spin

37) The Clock of Clocks: Using Analog Clocks to Created Digital Time

38) Real Life Flip Clock: Walking Around on Legs

39) What is This Gadget and What Does it Do?

40) Fall Back Made Easy With the Ora ilLegale Clock

41) Water Clock Uses Magnets: Kind of Like Divining Time

42) Now We've Seen Everything: Indoor LED Sundial

43) Laser-Based Sundial for your Apartment Wall

44) "I'm Not a Clock" FM Radio is Telling the Truth

45) Grass Patch: A Clock that Runs on Mud

46) Ah, the Rare Spanish Steampunk Clock

47) D/A Clock: Digital Look With An Analog Feel

48) I-Quad: The Landing Strip of the Future

49) Loudspeaker Cuckoo Clock: Adding a Bit of Kinetic Energy To Your Music

50) Tokibot Robot Clock for the Sci-Fi Geek

51) Antrepo's Minu Tuner: The Digital Successor to the Time Tuner

52) Two Great New Clocks: Bringing a Touch of the Analog to our Digital World

53) Epoch Clock: A Great Way to Convert Time

54) Look! Clocks Made From Old, Recycled Tech

55) The Minute Glass: A Green Alarm Clock

56) The World's Most Efficient Solar Clock

57) Butler 500: A Home Phone That's More Than a Home Phone

58) The Most Moving Parts Ever in a 'Digital' Display Clock

59) Oclock: The Giant Clock That You Will Never Lose

60) Two Cool New iPod Docks: From Alarm Clocks to LEGOs

61) Flickr Time is Down With O.P.P (Other People's Pictures)

62) The Great Digital Analog Clock

63) Final Frame: One Moment Please

64) LED Illuminated Clock: Clock Simulates Pixels With 300 LEDs

65) Look! Ross McBride's Time Table

66) The Gun O'Clock: If Duck Hunt Spawned a Clock

67) Minimalist Clock Doubles as Fashion Accessory

68) Jumbo Display LED Alarm Clock Looks Like A Giant Lego

69) Receipt Clock is Like Low-Tech Twitter

70) Pong Clock: A Spectator Sport and a Timepiece

71) Big Time Table

72) Cathode Ray Tube Clock

73) 10 Sources for Classic & Contemporary Alarm Clocks

74) A Cool Clock Post (Or, How To: Time Travel)

75) Lexon Turns Traditional Clock Design Around

76) LEGO Clock Radio

77) Furni: Clocks & Watches by Devin Barrette & Mike Giles

78) How To Build a LEGO Clock

79) How to Build Your Own DIY Word Clock

80) The Futuristic Numitron Clock & Thermometer DIY

81) How To: Make A Great DIY Clock From Esquire's E-Paper Cover

82) The Incredible DIY Coffee Can Clock

83) The 10 Digit Wood LED Digital Clock (and a DIY Version)

84) DIY Dali Style Melting Clock Project

85a) Turn Your Old Hard Drives Into an Amazing Wall Clock
85b) Wall Clock Made From Old Hard Drives

86) Dreams Ban Clock Helps You Save for a Rainy Day

87) The Very Cool Coffee Cup Clock

88) A Great Harry Potter-Like Location Clock

89) How To Create Your Own Phaser Alarm Clock

90) Apple Power Mac G4 Clock

91) The 10 Best and Coolest Timekeepers

92) The Top 5 Most Evil Alarm Clocks Ever

93) 10 Awesome Alarm Clocks

94) Darth Vader Alarm Clocks: Strong in the Force

95) The Cheap & Stylishly Transformed Wooden Alarm Clock

96) Alarm Puzzle Clock

97) Vintage Alarm Clocks from Clock Work Universe

98) Teasmade Alarm Clock Wakes You Up to Tea

99) The Voice Controlled Moshi Alarm Clock Radio

100) Bang & Olufsen BeoTime Alarm Clock: It's A Metal Stick!

101) Force Yourself to Wake Up With an Alarm Clock Rug

102) JetLag Travel Alarm Clock Is a Small Space Dweller's Dream

103) Wake Up to Smells That Aren't From Your Roommate

104) Touch 'n' Know Keeps Your Sleeping Peepers Closed

105) Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock

106) The Alarm Clock for Airplane Pilots

107) Philips Wake-Up Light: A Smoother Way To Get Out Of Bed

108) R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock

109) Porsche Design Alarm Clock iPod Dock

110) iPod and iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

111) Talking 1500-LED Clock

112) Wake Up with the DangerBomb Alarm Clock

113) Silent Alarm Clock

114) Good Question: Stylish Alarm Clocks?

115) Our iPhone Alarm Clock Set Up & Why We Like IT!

116) Time to Be Alarmed: Bedside Clocks

117) Wake Up In Style: Unique Alarm Clocks

118) 5 Reasons to Return to Using an Alarm Clock

119) Sony Plans on Alarm Clock with iPod Dock

120) The Greatest Mashup Ever: The Clock Radio

121) Lexon Jet FM Clock Radio

122) Retro Clock Radio iPod Dock

123) The Perfect Bedside Accessory: Stylish Eklipse Clock Radio

124) Sonoro Cubo Elements: A Sleek and Beautiful Clock Radio

125) Blue Light Special: The Monteal Radio Clock

126) "Sixties" Clock Radio

127) Tivoli Radios Get Revamped

128) Phone Flip Clock is Our New Bedside Clock

129) Identify This iPad Clock App

130) 5 Stylish Android Alarm Apps

131) TimeTuner: The Clock Radio iPhone App

132) The Best Free Clock Screen Savers You've Never Seen

133) Roundup: Ten Best Looking (Free!) Screen Savers

134) Fliqlo Screensaver

135) Real Simple's Free Clock Screen Saver is Simply Wonderful!

136) Word Clock Screensaver: Better Than Fliqlo?

Bonus 1) 19 Good Reasons To Still Wear A Watch

Bonus 2) Do You and Your Honey Battle Over the Alarm?

Bonus 3) Monday Morning Blues Tech Cures, Part 1: Why We Can't Sleep At Night Or Wake Up In The Morning

Bonus 4) Monday Morning Blues Tech Cures, Part 2: How To Kick Start Your Morning & Bathroom Routines

Bonus) Monday Morning Blues Tech Cures, Part 3: Get Your Day Started Right With A Good Breakfast & Coffee


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