Crazy Cool Cat Shelters for the World’s Most Sophisticated Cats

updated Jul 17, 2020
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CallisonRTKL (Image credit: Meghan Bob Photography )

What a week for discerning cats, huh? First they get super sleek furniture and now these bonkers cool cat structures. A recent fundraiser for L.A. based non-profit, FixNation, enlisted star architecture firms to create unique, beautiful and totally functional homes for cats.

Architects for Animals and “Giving Shelter” put the cat homes up for auction alongside celebrity designed cat bowls to raise funds for the spay/neuter services that FixNation provides free of charge.

Celebs who lent their talents to the charity include Charlize Theron, William Shatner and cat guru, Jackson Galaxy. You can bid on the bowls and houses until October 31.

The pieces are all striking and would definitely work as conversation starters were you to put them in your living room. The Flora-Gato structure, designed by Formation Association, Terremoto Landscape and Arktura, is basically ready made for Instagram, combining plants with cats in an unexpected way:

Flora-Gato is a biomorphic trellis providing shelter to cats and informal seating to human volunteers serving the feral cat population. The trellis structure takes an organic form while also suggesting the function a pouffe or an ottoman. Its exoskeleton is comprised of recycled and fiberized plastic, formed into ribs which are water-absorptive and serve as an ideal armature for planting.

Many of the structures are still available, so if you’re feeling lucky and want to truly treat your feline friend, hop on over and see what you can grab!

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