Get the Bold, Audiophile Home Theater Look

Get the Bold, Audiophile Home Theater Look

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 20, 2011

Ever wonder how those audio/videophiles pull of such a clean, flawless look with their home theaters? I mean, all you need is a few expensive pieces of tech and one can call it a day, right? Not so fast - there's more to that nerd-tastic minimal look than you think. Or at least, this is what our friend Mark has to say about the matter...

We met up with an audiophile junkie friend this weekend and he shared a couple of tips for us to consider when pursuing this look:

1) Consolidate Quality Components. "It's often harder to keep great components that work really well together without accumulating all the other equipment that comes with constant cycles of trial and error when searching for the best combo for your system." We suggest keeping a barebones list of what you need and selling any redundant equipment after you've settled on your 'dream system.'
2) Stick with a Single Color. "If I choose to go black with my equipment, that's it. There's no turning back unless I want to go to square one. It just looks better that way - like you're more serious and dedicated towards your equipment." You heard the man. There's no mix and matching allowed when it comes to the Formula 1, home theater approach.
3) Invest in Better Cables. "I know a lot of people hate Monster Cables, but at least go for cables that aren't 2 bucks. Unless you own a home, you're probably going to have to deal with exposed cables running on the floor. You can at least have them look good." While this goes against our policy of spending too much for cables, we can certainly see his point. We suggest keeping a tight budget when spending on higher end connects since prices can go astronomical at times.

Might we also add having a Swiffer Duster handy? We imagine all that hardware won't dust itself - it may be good to have a regime to keep your hardware presentable in all its shiny goodness.

(Images: Ishoot at Minhembio)

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