Create a Home You'll Love for a Long Time: Tips for Timeless Decor

Create a Home You'll Love for a Long Time: Tips for Timeless Decor

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 5, 2016

How do you know if the effort you put into decorating your home will be loved by you for a long time? While it's certainly no requirement, if you are interested in creating the kind of timeless home where your love for it grows alongside your own personal design evolution, try thinking about these elements and ideas.

Choose paint colors that maximize what you like about your room and minimize what you don't

Whether you need to make your small room seem bigger or your big room seem cozier, working to use color to accentuate what you have when it comes to picking out paint will help ensure you enjoy the hue for a long time.

Spend the time (and money) on window coverings that look and function the way you want

Windows are a huge part of how finished your home and decor feels, so skimping on them isn't always a good idea. If you have the means, spend the time and money making sure they not only look the way you want, but they also function the way you need.

Choose materials that work with your lifestyle level

You need to be realistic about how you use your home and who you share your home with (as well as how they use it, too). This will help make sure the material choices you go for when decorating or remodeling match your lifestyle and will last as long as possible.

Ignore trends if you don't like them

Not into sheepskins, Memphis design, or any other trendy items? Don't even worry about it one bit. Do you.

Embracing trends if you dig 'em

Can't get enough of sheepskins, Memphis design and other trendy items? Then go nuts! Stick to smaller items that you can sell or rotate out as trends come and go if being trendy is important to you or brings you joy.

Be a collector, not a consumer

Just buying whatever you see because you think it might work in your home is fine, truly. But to create a timeless home that evolves with you means collecting things that really speak to you and that you love. This will help your home become your story.

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