Tis the Season: Create Holiday Cards on Your Tablet

Tis the Season: Create Holiday Cards on Your Tablet

Joelle Alcaidinho
Nov 16, 2012

Every year we're faced with the same decision: do we DIY our holiday cards or just buy them? This year we're considering combining both with the help of our tablet and some apps. To tackle the slightly herculean task of sending out cards to friends and family spread across several continents, I've gathered together a few apps to help me design, sign, and deliver season's greetings...

Ink Cards: The designs on these cards are very cute and it's easy to add custom images into them as well as of course custom messages. The thing we like best about this app however is that it has the lowest greeting card costs at just $1.99 each which include postage. Also available for Android phones. Free

Apple Cards: Similar to the aforementioned app these are a bit fancier and are letterpress. While we don't dispute the fact that they are rather fetching, we are not all that keen on the price. US Domestic cards are $2.99, International $4.99 including postage. Free

Cards HD: If we decide against mailing cards we might use email in which case we will give this app a closer look. The app does not have as nicely designed templates as the first two but does support sending electronically. Free version available with holiday and other occasion cards as in-app purchase. $3.99

Sadly we could not find any Android tablet apps so the following are all built for phones and only Animoto will run on an Android tablet.

justWink Greeting Cards: Pretty much the king of greeting card apps available for devices running Android. With many attractive templates and the option of sending via email, Facebook, text or snail mail it's easy to see why it's the top dog. Sending snail mail cards cost $2.99 each including postage. Also available for the iPhone. Free

Postagram: Although the app produces postcards and not greeting cards I could not resist including this one as it's the one out of all of the listed options that I've used the most to send snail mail greetings. My grandmother loves receiving these and her fridge looks like a real world version of my Instagram feed thanks to how the images pop out of the postcards. $.99 for postage in the US, $1.99 for international. Also available for the iPhone. Free

Animoto: Want to do something a little bit different this year? Why not send video greeting cards? Animoto is kind of like an easier to use iMovie that's based in the cloud. Use Animoto to make short video greeting cards for digital distribution. DVDs are also available of your video if you prefer to have an offline option although if opting for that we'd suggest just using video editing software on your computer and burning your own as it's much more cost effective. Also available for the iPhone. Free

Do you make your own holiday cards?

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