Create Visual Lists With Pinterest

Create Visual Lists With Pinterest

Vivian Kim
Nov 12, 2010

Are you the visual type that needs to have things spread out in front of you to make sense of things? Then Pinterest may be the perfect site for you. We'll tell you what Pinterest is and how to use it create visual lists for just about whatever you can think of, after the jump.

My friend sent me an invitation to test out a new site called Pinterest. The site describes itself as a "virtual pinboard," and is exactly that. You start off creating and naming a board, which acts as an album or collection of images. You then "pin" images onto that board from any website using Pinterest's bookmarklet. While pinning images you can also add notes, and it all works very nicely. Although what the site is used for seems quite broad at this point, in a nutshell, Pinterest allows you to create visual lists/bulletin boards. It's a handy and refreshing way to organize and bookmark different things spread across different websites, so I find it useful especially for making visual wishlists. Pinterest also has a social aspect similar to twitter or tumblr (you can "follow" users and if you like someone's pin, you can "re-pin" it).

Here's an example of how I used Pinterest to create and organize wishlists (with the holidays coming up, this tip could make shopping for all your loved ones online a lot more pleasant). I was recently shopping online for winter clothes and found a number of coats and sweaters spread across various websites. Instead of cluttering up my bookmarks with all the clothes I was thinking about purchasing, I made a "Winter Clothes" Pinterest board and used the bookmarklet to "pin" whatever caught my eye. From there I was able to look at my board and see the images of all the clothes neatly laid out, the price of each piece (which I made sure to note), and direct links to the websites I found them on. Pinterest allowed me to create a visual, universal wishlist that wasn't restricted to a specific shopping site (i.e. an Amazon wishlist). Seeing everything visually laid out for me also makes Pinterest perfect for something like putting together a new wardrobe, mixing and matching furniture for a room in your home, and the list goes on.

Although you may not initially be sure what you want to use Pinterest for, if you're a visual person, the site has a number of possibilities. Pinterest is currently invite only, but once you request and get your invite fulfilled, you'll be able to invite 5 friends.

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