Create Your Own 3G Router With A Chumby

Create Your Own 3G Router With A Chumby

Range Govindan
May 3, 2010

It's always great to have a 3G USB dongle when you need access to the Internet. However, it gets more complicated when you want more than one device to use this dongle at the same time. Bunnie found this great hack that you can perform on a 99-dollar Chumby One. Now that's a great idea.

The Chumby One is currently on sale at Costco for $99, this makes hacking it a cheap and easy alternative if you want to make your own 3G router. In order to do so, you'll need a 3G USB router. Without it, you won't be able to access the 3G cellular network.

Bunnie says that there's an Easter Egg inside the Chumby One which enables it to work with certain 3G USB modems and function as a 3G router. Basically what this does is that the 3G connections is distributed to other devices thanks to the Chumby One.

Here are the necessary steps in order to do so:

1. Plug in your 3G card.
2. Go to the Network Config screen by pressing the top button, going to Settings, then tapping on Network.
3. Select "create a new connection", press OK, and wait for the scan to time out.
4. Select "Other"
5. Enter 3G as the name of the access point. It must have a capital G for it to work.
6. Wait for the subsequent scan to time out.
7. Select "Manual".
8. Tap "OK" to select None as the encryption type.
9. Tap "OK" to select Automatic IP allocation.
10. Tap "OK" to confirm settings and connect to the network

In order to activate WiFi sharing, plug in a USB keyboard so that the drop-down console is activated. You then type in the command "touch /psp/start_ap" so that the network is flagged to run the setup scripts to activate your Chumby One as an access point.

[via Make, photos by Bunnie]

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