Create Your Own Elegant Speaker Stands

Create Your Own Elegant Speaker Stands

Range Govindan
Jun 30, 2010

When you're setting up your speaker system in your home, it's hard to spend even more money on the perfect set of speaker stands. While you can easily find cheap ones, they don't all look as nice as these ones, which where assembled from IKEA furniture bits.

Max from Finland wanted to make a cheap pair of speaker stands. He decided upon Vika legs, which were just perfect height for his purpose. Although Max chose these, you can definitely choose any type of hollow table legs that you can find.

Telescopic table legs might also be an interesting idea, because you'll be able to vary the height of the speaker stand, depending on where you put it and what use you make of it. It just needs to be completely straight, so that the speaker won't tip over. If you're considering using telescopic table legs, like the Vika Byske which can adjust their height from 27" to 42", you need to make sure that the table leg is securely fit and won't collapse on its own. Luckily, table legs are by their design made to support a lot of weight. However, the Vika Byske are significantly more expensive at $30 each.

The Vika Curry legs are hard to beat in price. They cost $4 a pop. Max used a base that was made out of an IKEA Ekby Stalig solid wood shelf. Once again, you can easily choose another shelf that will match your speaker and living room perfectly. A 1/3-inch threaded rod was needed to put these stands together, as well as nuts and washers.

Depending on what kind of leg you choose, you might have to remove a mounting plate that is located on the top of the leg to make room for the rod. A neat trick involves drilling a hole into the leg so that you can easily manage the cables.

The shelf needs to be the right dimensions. Two holes need to be drilled: one for the mounting rod and one for the cables. The rod needs to be put through, using the nuts and washers. This needs to be repeated at the top of the base. Now, all that's left is to feed the cable through and assemble. The top plate will tighten up the whole stand and will make it vertical. You'll need to place protector pads on the base so that the nuts don't damage your speaker.

Alternatively, you can also use two shelves: one as a stand and one as a base. Ideally, you'll want the second shelf it to be just a tad smaller than the base of your speaker, so that it's nearly invisible. It will give your stand a different look. Also, the speaker will rest more solidly on the stand with a shelf serving as a base.

[via Ikeahacker, photos by Max]

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