Create Your Own i.materialise 3D-Printed Lamp

Create Your Own i.materialise 3D-Printed Lamp

Range Govindan
Dec 10, 2010

3D printing is no longer something that's reserved for technology companies. Now, you can order your own 3D-printed lamps from the 3D printing company i.materialise. The last time we reported on this back in March, Patrick Jouin was creating some lamps for this company. Now, you can create your own lamp.

It's amazing that 3D printers are able to create the things that they can, because it still sounds a bit insane to us. It's something that you think is reserved for science-fiction. If you're unfamiliar with 3D printing, the process allows you to create three dimensional objects by laying down successive layers of a material. You have to input a 3D computer file. Each slice is printed on top of another to create the final object.

The Appear Lamp sells for $99 and allows you to customize it with your own text. You can choose your own font, phrase, and the company will do the rest. It's definitely an interesting light since it appears blank until you light it up. The text is inscribed inside the lampshade and on the top of the lamp. The other custom lamp is a desk lamp and you can further customize the design by modifying with 3D software. It costs around $220. It's a bit more complicated but the results are impressive.

All of these lamps are made out of polyamide, which is white, strong, and somewhat flexible. It boasts a high mechanical and thermal resistance. It can be as thin as 1mm, so it allows i.materialise to create some pretty funky designs for their 3D-printed lamps. 3D software isn't the easiest to use, but it's possible to find someone to do this for you, if you aren't comfortable with it. The results are unique since the lamp has been fully customized to your specification.

(via Core77)

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