Creating An Entryway

111309entry-01.jpgFor us, decorating and arranging furniture in a small space can be challenging but also very rewarding. Take for instance, the entryway. It’s the one spot where guests are welcomed and get a “first impression” of your home. That’s why we love Dawn’s solution for her home with no formal entryway–broken down after the jump!

Here are Dawn’s great solutions for creating an entryway to her home;

  • Adding a bookcase. It helps with sectioning off and defining the new entryway space. Add a tray to drop keys, cell phone and sunglasses and you’ve got yourself a landing strip.
  • Hooks utilize vertical space while giving your coats and purses a place to land–especially if there’s no entryway closet to speak of.
  • Hanging a shelf in the area allows you the luxury of adding your home decor to make the space feel cozy and warm. An extra shelf could also double as a landing strip instead of using a spot on the bookcase.
  • The yellow watering can is a charming sight in the entryway and makes tending to plants outdoors that much easier. And because the outdoor chairs are a nice, striped pattern they don’t look out of place being stored in the entryway.
  • An umbrella looks fine laying in a corner nook but we like the additional pop of color from the silver umbrella stand.

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(Image: Dawbis)