Creating & Embracing Spare Simplicity in the Bedroom

Creating & Embracing Spare Simplicity in the Bedroom

Leah Moss
Mar 14, 2011

In a busy home bustling with people and activity, spare simplicity is a bit of a luxury, especially in the bedroom which tends to become a dumping ground for all sorts of odds and ends. That's one of the draws of a hotel stay — your sleeping space contains only the bare necessities. So, how do you create that kind of simplicity at home?

One of my New Year's resolutions was to create and maintain a peaceful sleep space, and a fewf months in I have a few observations to share. I've been surprised by how a few simple changes have made a world of difference.

Aside from the obvious task of editing out extraneous possessions, creating and maintaining a spare environment in the bedroom requires a personalized storage system. In most rooms I love open storage systems — two years later I smile daily at my open kitchen shelving — but when it comes to the bedroom, the place for pure relaxation, I like to be able to shut drawers and close doors. It helps me disconnect from the day.

Since most bedrooms double as dressing rooms, it's important to create a system that works for both getting dressed and getting undressed — focusing on one and neglecting the other doesn't cut it. I realized this recently as I began to notice that try as I might to stay on top of putting away clean clothes, my dirty laundry still accumulated rapidly, and often lay orphaned on my closet floor. Getting a simple, attractive, and shallow (this is key) hamper made a world of difference in maintaining peace of mind.

It also helps to have a few flexible storage options for corralling random items that make their way into the bedroom but that you don't necessarily need all the time. I'm a huge fan of a keeping a small dish/decorative box on the nightstand for jewelry that I forget to take off before getting into bed. I've also found the same holds true for larger items. I've also found it helpful to have an attractive medium-size basket next to the bed for catching books and magazines that would otherwise crowd the nightstand. Maybe it's just me, but it gives me more peace knowing that I won't be knocking them off the nightstand as I fumble for the alarm clock in the morning.

A few hooks go a long way. My husband is a draper, meaning any item of clothing that isn't obviously in desperate need of washing gets draped across any available surface. And I know he's not an anomaly. I've had a few roommates who can't commit to the idea of the laundry hamper or the closet, and so clothes accumulate in this state of limbo until the end of the week when they have time to deal with them. I know it's a habit that can probably be broken, but until the draper in question is motivated to change, coming up with a suitable alternative makes for a more peaceful life. Hanging a couple of hooks (not too many) on the closet door has seemed to take care of the problem. It satisfies my draper's reluctance to commit clothes either way, and it still leaves other surfaces drape-free.

Stylistically, there are more factors that contribute to a spare sleep space, but that will have to wait for a future post. In the meantime, what are your tricks for creating a peaceful bedroom?

Image: Marie Claire Maison

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