Creating a Room For All 5 Senses: Lavender and Peach Blossom

Creating a Room For All 5 Senses: Lavender and Peach Blossom

Aug 25, 2014
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Scent is a powerful emotional trigger – but most of us don't think of smell when designing our interiors. Do you remember the particular scent of your grandmother's house? (My Nana's powder blue bathroom somehow smelled of lipstick, while her kitchen smelled like...I don't know, heaven?) How about your summer camp? (Mine was all cedar and pine and a muddy lake.) Your wedding day? (I wore a special perfume for it, but I really mostly remember the scent of hairspray and raindrops! But in a GOOD way). We know we want our own homes to smell like happiness, but how do you pinpoint which fragrance should truly represent your space?

Decor Tip: Your bedroom should be a quiet, relaxing place – think scents like lavender, violet leaves and white sage – but that doesn't mean the decor should be boring. Use textured materials like lace, faux fur or grasscloth to add dimension and intimacy to your personal retreat.

The Mood Board

Choosing the right scent can be challenging, but thinking about what you love, how you live, and what memories you want to create can be a good place to start. We created a mood board combining some favorite interiors with Glade's Lavender & Peach Blossom scent, one of the newest in their line of home fragrances. It's a lively, modern scent that combines the smell of calming lavender and energetic peach - perfect for a bedroom.

Pulling these images together helps to visually describe the tastes, smells, and visual appeal that we're looking for - calm, relaxed and comfortable, yet ready for the new day.

Decor Tip: Maxwell recommends cool colors like lavender for the bedroom. "Green, blue and purple calm our emotions and focus our thoughts. In our homes, they serve us best in the quieter rooms of the house, such as the bedroom, office, and nursery."

Scent Memory

Try these exercises to help discover the best scents for your space:

Think of some of your favorite smells, and why they stick with you. Do they remind you of a certain place and time? A specific event? Or do you simply have a favorite smell that you want to use to create new memories? Jot down a quick list of each one that comes to mind, even if they are varied and different.

Describe What You Feel

Next, create a short list of adjectives that describe your home - bright and energetic? warm and comfy? romantic and flowery? These word groupings may be different for each space, so walk through your home and create a quick list (don't think too much about it!) to describe your immediate reaction to what you see, feel, and smell.

Compare the two lists and see what works together - some scents may overlap, or you may find that several different scents work throughout various rooms. The best thing about scent is it's easy to experiment with - try out a few and see how you, your family, and your friends react. You can even try new scents with each season to help create different moods throughout the year.

We love pulling images when starting our space - why not do the same when you're giving it that final, extra touch?

If you want to try a scent that is both relaxing and energizing for your bedroom, we recommend Lavender & Peach Blossom from Glade®. As with all of Glade's scents, it can be delivered in a variety of ways: jar candles, wax melts, scented oils and gels, or room sprays.

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