Creative & Unconventional Uses for QR Codes

Creative & Unconventional Uses for QR Codes

Jesse Leikin
Jun 6, 2011

Scan the image to the left with a QR code reader. Meta, right? Anyways, for a few years now we have been told how QR codes are going to change everything. Well, like everyone outside of Japan, we are still waiting for QR codes to revolutionize how we shop, interact, and make connections. While we all wait for the QR code revolution, there are some people who have gone the extra mile to use QR codes in fascinating and innovative ways. Here are some of our favorite unconventional uses for QR codes.

Business Cards: With all of the apps trying to replace traditional business cards, most people still enjoy physically giving and receiving cards. Put a QR code on your card and now you are not only handing somebody a physical card, but also a link that somebody can scan and use.

Scarfs: The term "walking advertisement" has been around for a while. We all know somebody that we think is a walking advertisement for one brand or another. Now thanks to the brand Lendorff Kaywa, you can actually be a walking advertisement. But on this stylish scarf and if anytime somebody wants to know more about it they only need to scan the QR code located right on the end. Voila, you are now a walking advertisement.

QR CODE - Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

The Resume: Anyone applying for a job knows how important a resume can be. A good resume can help you stand out from the crowed, which is why we labor over this single piece of paper for hours on end. Victor Petit decided to use single piece of paper to include a picture and QR code. Not only will this be sure to make his resume memorable, but it also gives him an opportunity to use multi-media to highlight certain areas.

Add Facebook Friends: For the social butterflies and Facebook addicts among us, this could be the perfect going out shirt. Use your Facebook generated QR code and print it on to you shirt. Next time you head out to the bar anyone with a smartphone will be able to quickly scan your shirt and add you as a friend on Facebook.

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