Creative, Clutter-Free Ideas For Displaying Christmas Cards

published Dec 2, 2009
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s begun! Our first Christmas card arrived in the mail yesterday and hence commenced the welcomed onslaught of mail-carried holiday cheer. We vowed last year— after seeing our entry table fall prey to an unruly array of cards— to preempt the happy attack by having an easy and orderly card display system in place. Here are a few favorite ideas.

Tack a few ribbons to a door and pin cards vertically. This one has buttons attached for card hooks, but you could make a more simplified version by using clothes pins or paper clips to attach the cards directly to the ribbon. Using this idea on an inside of a pantry door is great for those who like to avoid visual clutter, but still wan to display cards and pictures of loved ones.
Or skip the door, and attach the ribbon directly to the wall like Benita of Chez Larsson.
Dress up a mirror with sparkly ribbon/ twine and some clothespins to affix the cards.
A beautiful holiday card mantel garland from our archives.
We use the inside of our cabinets to display the holiday photo cards year round. I learned this trick from my mother in law, and have found it to be a great way to remember the people I love in my life without overcrowding our fridge door.
Attach card to festive branches ornament style. My friend did this last year on her entry table, and it made a great festive display.
Dress up your mantel by attaching ribbon to the back of each card and attaching them with a pushpin to the mantel.
Decorate a door frame by attaching card with clear tape around the frame.
Make a garland for the back of each dining chair.
Set up a jingle bell display and use the slits in the bells as card holders.

What other easy ideas do you have for reigning in your Christmas cards in style?