Colorful Crates Turned Awesome Entryway Storage

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There isn’t a single repurposed crate project that I’ve disliked. They’re just so darn useful and look great while doing it. That said, this project just raised the bar — like whoa. We’re talking Joey Lawrence whoa, not Keanu Reeves, just so we’re clear.

Our friends over at Decor Hacks (which you should be following) tipped us off to this super great project over at the Norwegian blog Thea’s Mania. This entryway used to hold one large white and green cabinet, which by all purposes looked great and was functional.

Needing a bit more space it was sent packing and these crates were painted up and mounted instead. We’ve seen many a crate project, but this one feels a bit more organic and lively. It feels like storage, beautiful storage instead of crates stuck on the wall because they couldn’t afford another alternative.

It’s amazing inspiration and will have you on the lookout for crates left and right. The look would work well not only in an entryway, but possibly inside the garage before you come inside, a bedroom to hold books or even clothes if you’re short on a closet. Check out the full look and more details over at Thea’s Mania.