Use Google Hangouts for More Than Just Video Chat

Use Google Hangouts for More Than Just Video Chat

Jesse Leikin
Aug 8, 2011

Whether through Skype, iChat, or even iPhones, video calls have become a normal avenue of communication these days. However, with the release of Google+ came Google Hangouts. What makes Hangouts unique is the ability to host large groups of people for video chatting. Like any new technology, creative people have found different ways to utilize Hangouts in unanticipated ways...

Concerts: Daria Musk is a singer/song writter who also happens to be an avid Google+ user. Shortly after Google+ launched with Hangouts, she took it upon herself to organize a Hangout Concert. This worked by having a live-stream of the concert with a designated Google Hangout assigned to it. People would join the Hangout, stay for a while, and then leave to let others have a chance to interact. This worked so well that Daria Musk has already performed two of these "concerts" with a 3rd coming later this August.

Cooking Classes: For some, cooking itself isn't the problem. Rather, cooking or learning to cook alone, rather than with people, wasn't as fun or informative as learning in a group. Lee Allison recognized this problem and with the help of Google Hangouts realized that she could make cooking school both fun and sociable. With the help of Hangouts and an online calendar, Lee Allison hosts a cooking school where people can get together, ask questions, socialize, and of course cook.

Coding Sessions: If you're a hardcore code junkie, one of the biggest advantages of having other coders around you is that you can easily look at each others screens and work on code together. Now with Google+ Hangouts and the Hangout Pad extension for Chrome, users can now have a shared coding workspace. While this nifty hack still has a few bugs, the developer Mohamed Mansour, has posted the code online so others can contribute to improving this awesome feature as well.

As you can see, Google Hangouts is more than just a simple group video chat platform. With a little drive and creativity, there are endless possibilities of awesome and fun ways to use Google Hangouts.

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