Creative Ideas for Once-a-Day Photography Projects

Creative Ideas for Once-a-Day Photography Projects

Mike Tyson
Mar 23, 2011

Have you ever felt time quickly passing you by, wishing you could better preserve the fleeting moments of daily life? Some adventurous (or perhaps crazy) people have decided to capture their portrait every single day so they could watch the physical progression of themselves overtime. It got us thinking of other things we'd like to document over time beside our faces. We also found a helpful iPhone app which will easily guides us through the process.

Noah K and JK Keller both have undergone an impressive once-a-day photography project which has spanned years of their lives. Both made videos of the experience which are particularly successful due to their diligence in taking a carefully aligned photo. The Everyday app for the iPhone is a fascinating tool which will help you create a similarly sleek photo series and video project. In order to help you photograph yourself systematically, you're able to make guides to help align your pictures everyday. Additionally, you can turn on a semi-transparent image of the day before which will overlap your camera's preview screen so you can make sure there is a seamless transition of images. The app can be programmed to send helpful reminders to take your photo as well as post them directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Once you're finished your project, you can even have Everyday make a video of your face for you. We've been playing around with the app for a few days now and can highly recommend it for the $1.99 price tag.

But what if you're not the narcissist like we are and aren't too interested in seeing what you yourself look like everyday? Here are some other ideas we had that could look interesting when captured in daily succession:

Your child: You could easily grant your child Internet fame by taking a photo of them everyday since they were born (or however young they are). This kind of documentation would be sure to net you millions of views on YouTube!

Your cat: we openly admit to being a crazy cat person and shamelessly admit that we prefer a daily image of our best friend animated into a video than our own ugly mug. It is exceedingly more difficult to capture than ourselves but we're hoping our dedication will yield pleasant results.

Your room: Many of us being home décor aficionados are restlessly altering the look of our space. It might be interesting to document a full room or a section of a room (a desk, for instance) and how those changes alter day to day.

Your feet: How about taking an "outfit" shot of yourself rather than your face? Shooting straight down will give you a glimpse of your shirt, pants, and shoes. It might be fun to watch your style change by season or over time.

The sky/your environment: Up until this point we've been conceiving of this project as a very controlled progression. We're curious what would happen if the image was intentionally different from day to day. What if you decided to take a photo of the sky everyday at a certain time, or maybe your subway ride?

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