Creatively Multifunctional Fireplaces by Flying Cavalries

Creatively Multifunctional Fireplaces by Flying Cavalries

Fireplaces are wonderful for providing heat while also being a lovely focal point in your home. But what if they could do more? Design company Flying Cavalries has taken the fireplace to the next level with their three fireplaces designs that do more than just keep you warm — they provide a place to eat, rest your feet and store your things!

Terragren (images 1-3): In our opinion, this is the best looking one. Inspired by volcanoes and the layers of the earth, this fireplace features exposed layers of color from gray to red. The mass of the piece is made of wood and a glass top and can function as a coffee table. Place an ethanol insert into the top's opening and the unit is transformed in sculptural fireplace.

Hillside (images 4-5): This unit's inspiration is all in the name: a hillside. When all pieces are put together Hillside is a coffee table and fireplace. But with a quick rearrangement, it transforms into a ergonomic chair, side table and fireplace.The piece is made of only 3 materials: stone, glass and oak.

Aurora (images 6-7): This dining table was inspired by the aurora borealis — the colorful glass legs represent the colorful beams of polar lights displayed in the night sky. The natural stone table is transformed into a warm place to gather with built-in ethanol fireplace.

While the prices for the Flying Cavalries' products are a little out of our price range, they're still wonderful to look at, and creatively push the boundaries of form and function.

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(Images: Flying Cavalries)

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