Cross-Platform Apps that Make Life Easier

Cross-Platform Apps that Make Life Easier

Range Govindan
Aug 17, 2012

While some people have their apps and content easily synced by using devices from the same company, I have a desktop PC that I use daily to work on, but Apple devices for when I'm on the go. That means that the apps I use on the road need to sync in some fashion so that I can access the work I did on my PC. Here are the ones I use daily that work well for me.

1. Flipboard: Flipboard has made my life easier and perusing my feeds has never been quicker, which is a must since I need to skim about 1,000 posts a day. Flipboard has accelerated this task by 30-60%. Flipboard is configured to read all of the feeds I follow through Google Reader, which is how I do my work.

2. Pocket: Google Reader's star system is good, but you can loose important articles very quickly, especially if you tend to star a lot of them. This is why I have been using Pocket. On my iOS devices, it's an app, but it can be integrated into Flipboard. On my PC, it's a Firefox browser add-on. When I need to save something, I click 'Read Later'. Flipboard saves it to Pocket. Once the browser add-on is synced, I have access to the saved links wherever I am.

3. Google Reader While I never directly access Google Reader on my mobile devices, except my MacBook Pro, I do access all of my feeds indirectly through Flipboard. I star the relevant posts and later examine these in detail on my PC.

4. Wordpress: I recently wrote a couple of articles on Wordpress' mobile app, and I was surprised at all of the features it had. It's definitely easy to start writing on the app, save the draft, and then continue working on it on my PC or Mac.

5. Facebook & Twitter: While not really meant for work, social networking does provide some interesting sources, from all sorts of different people, especially when it comes to Twitter. My usual technique is to mark an important tweet as a favorite, then look at it later on my PC.

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