Crowdsource Your Home Improvement Project! 9 Tips

Crowdsource Your Home Improvement Project! 9 Tips

Allison Verdoorn
Aug 11, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to my very first wallpaper removal party. At first I thought, "How fun can this be? Doing other people's home improvement?" but, in the end, it was a blast. There are two fundamental principles at work here: 1) It's always more fun to do stuff like remove wallpaper when it's not your house, 2) It's a lot more fun when there is someone else to do the work with you, 3) Finishing a task with a group is so rewarding, and 4) They had great food at the party.

I couldn't have had more fun at the wallpaper removal party! It really was a blast and the best thing was is that my friends had their entire home stripped of wallpaper in an evening. By providing all of the supplies and a meal they got a job that would have taken them weeks done in a few hours. Here are my tips for figuring out how to host a party like this:

  1. Tap all of your friends, but especially the ones who are experts in home improvement.
  2. Provide really good food. Reward your hard workers!
  3. Make it a party! Don't expect people to only work. Provide a venue for them to work a bit and hang out for a while as well.
  4. Have low expectations. Even though you want the whole house painted only hope for half. That way if it all gets done it's cause for extra celebration and if it doesn't no one is disappointed.
  5. Have as many supplies as possible ready. You can ask friends to bring more but have enough to get at least part of it done ready.
  6. Have tasks clearly laid out. My friends assigned me to the bathroom so I had a clear task that I would get done with another worker. This way it isn't overwhelming for anyone.
  7. Play some good music. It'll make everyone work faster and laugh harder.
  8. Take photos. Even though these parties are often grimy and sweaty they are great things to laugh at.
  9. Have fun! This is as much about fun as it is about getting your job done. Appreciate the people you invited over with a little gift bag (chocolates are fantastic) and just enjoy the time together.

(Image: Casa Sugar)

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