Crying in Public: Okay or No Way?

Crying in Public: Okay or No Way?

Jennifer Hunter
May 19, 2015
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In the news recently was a story about a Japanese hotel that came up with a new business strategy: they're now offering rooms designed specifically for (women only) customers who want to have a good cry. The privacy (and "cashmere soft" tissues) would be a plus if you find yourself weepy on the streets of Japan, but is crying in public really so bad? I want to know your stance. Let's talk about it.

I've told you before about how I used to like to cry in the car, but now, living car-free in NYC, I understand how shockingly hard it is to find a little alone time to let some sadness out.

Here is a list of the public places I've seen people cry:

  • Subway (obviously)
  • Sitting on the curb outside a Chipotle
  • Taxi
  • Dressing room at J.Crew
  • Park bench
  • Restaurant bathroom
  • Walking briskly down the street all normal-like yet still sobbing like a madwoman (this one was disconcerting)

And that's in just two years! My go-to response is to give the crying person an understanding look but not interfere (because that's what I'd want a stranger to do for me), but I've also witnessed a kindly lady go up to a crying stranger and give her a hug! And it seemed much appreciated.

Have you ever been caught crying in public or stumbled upon a weepy stranger? And why are we all so uncomfortable with sadness anyway? Tell me.

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