Instagram Is Obsessed With Crystals—But What’s the Deal?

published Apr 11, 2018
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(Image credit: Courtesy of Energy Muse)

Crystal decor has long been a staple in the aisles of Target and on the shelves of your local Anthropologie—but we’re way past geode bookends and agate coasters. Unless you’ve been living under a, well, rock, you’ve probably heard someone tout crystals—and not just because they’re pretty, but because they’re thought to shift energy. We can get down with the aesthetics, but wanted to dig into some of the claims. Is it really possible for an accent piece to not only affect the look of your living space, but its energy too? And what does that even mean in the first place?

To understand what’s behind the movement, we checked in with Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse, recent author, and all-around crystal expert. Here’s her take on the benefits of crystals, and how they can have a place in your home.

Crystals Can Bring More Than Just Looks to the Table

While crystals are decidedly appealing on a purely aesthetic level, Askinosie says there’s more to them than meets the eye: “Crystals are an element of nature that we can bring into our environment to ground our spirit in what’s important.” Believers say that crystals can hold the energy of our intentions — and help us get back in tune with our goals or ambitions if we find ourselves straying from the positive changes we’re trying to bring into our lives. “Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, accept more love from yourself, or pursue your passion in life, there is a crystal with an energy suited to help you with that goal,” Askinosie says.

Crystals Supposedly Shift the Energy of Your Entire Home

Askinosie says that because crystals are thought to carry their own energy, they can, in turn, affect the energy of the physical world around them. “You can also use crystals to shift the energy of your space,” she says. One example? Celestite, which is known as a good crystal for children and babies’ rooms because it encourages peaceful and restful sleep, Askinosie says. (Hey, we can’t promise it’ll work but it can’t hurt to try in the midst of sleepless nights.) Selenite is another option with soothing vibes. “If your space is feeling dark and dense, add the high-vibrational energy of selenite,” Askinosie says.

Here’s the Right Way to Get Started

Yes, there is apparently a right way and a wrong way to add crystals to your home. First, consider your source. “You want to buy crystals from a reputable source,” Askinosie says, adding that finding someone who’s been in the business a long time will help you ensure you’re purchasing natural, ethically sourced, lightly handled crystals. As far as picking which crystals you want in your home, Askinosie says it’s personal. “It’s all about trusting your intuition,” she says. “Pick the crystal that’s going to give you joy when you look at it. Unlike other elements of your home design, like furniture, which has to serve a multitude of purposes, a crystal’s only purpose in your space is to benefit your spirit. Take your time, and get what’s right for you.”

Start With These 3 Energy Muse Approved Crystals

Interested, but not quite sure which crystals are the right fit for your living space? Askinosie has three crystals she’d recommend as a starting point for any home: amethyst, rose quartz, and selenite. According to the author and crystal expert, these three crystals are unique, and will add a soft, inviting energy to your place. More specifically, she says amethyst acts as an energy purifier to clear away negativity, while rose quartz has a loving energy, and earthy selenite is uplifting — and, because it’s white, happens to match most home decor.

Have you tried incorporating crystals at home? Report your findings to us in the comments.