Cuppow: Canning Jar Into a Travel Mug

Cuppow: Canning Jar Into a Travel Mug

Julia Brenner
Jan 13, 2012

At first glance, I thought, 'Oh, come on, a canning jar travel mug?' but after reading the product description, my 'Oh, come on!' turned into 'Yeah, right on!' Here's why:

We're all trying to cut down on our consumption of wasteful products like disposable cups, and how often do we hear that the materials used to make portable mugs and water bottles are toxic? Enter the Cuppow.

• As noted on the Cuppow website, Ball jars or mason jars make great eco-friendly drinking glasses since they are made of heat resistant glass, easy to clean, and won't leak when properly sealed.
• The Cuppow lid is BPA free and 100% recyclable.
• Both the lid and canning jars are dishwashwer safe, so you don't have to worry about what bacteria may lurk in the dark corners of your travel mug.
• Very reasonably priced (US $7.99).
• A chance to officially make the leap and become "the quirky co-worker." That's right, just show up to your next big meeting toting a mason jar of herbal tea topped off with this bad boy.

• The only real con I can think of has nothing to do with the lid, but with the use of a mason jar and the fact that it's glass. This could limit usability. I think this idea would be great for use at the office or around the house, garden, or in the car, but I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying this on a crowded train. I also wouldn't feel comfortable using this as a sports bottle, but the idea makes me laugh.
• Comfort level holding hot drinks, which I suppose would depend on how hot you take your drinks. Another solution to this issue could be using a mason jar with a handle, which are widely available.

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