Cabin Fever Cures: Indoor Games for Kids

Cabin Fever Cures: Indoor Games for Kids

Beth Callaghan
Jan 29, 2014
(Image credit: Toddler Approved)

We're lucky out here in Southern California because we've been having great weather (never mind that we might be on the verge of a mega drought). But most of the United States has been suffering from frigid cold, ice storms and snow by the feet. Needless to say, it's not a great time to be playing outdoors. I rounded up some fun, active games you can put together yourself in the comfort of your (hopefully) warm abode.


1. Exploding Chain Reaction from Frugal Fun for Boys. All you need are craft sticks. Seriously! Check out the link for a video of this fun activity.
2. Indoor Counting Croquet from Toddler Approved. You can use this activity as a way to work on counting, or play a traditional game.
3. Balloon Paddle Ball from Pen 'n Paperflowers. There are lots of things you can do with balloons, but we love this idea of creating your own paddles and using a balloon for paddle ball.
4. Wooden Catapult from My Mommy Style. You need only a few supplies to make this small catapult that will provide lots of entertainment without destroying anything.
5. Indoor Car Wash from Dawn's Divine Delights. With some balloons, streamers, and craft paper, turn a hallway or a room into a car wash—or perhaps more accurately, a kid wash.


6. Marshmallow Catapult from Spoonful. You don't have to use marshmallows! Another take on the catapult uses a tissue box, pencils and rubber bands. Building it might be half of the fun.
7. Painter's Tape Maze from Rachel Swartley. Create a removable maze on your floor and have your child kick a ball through it, or use a straw to blow a ping pong ball around it.
8. Crepe Paper Lazer Maze from Brassy Apple. Use crepe paper or yarn to create a maze that your kids have to navigate their bodies through.
9. Plastic Cup Construction from It's a Boy's Life. Got a few hundred red Solo© cups on hand? Create a fort, tower, building... the only limits are your child's imagination.
10. Sock Bocce Ball from Toddler Approved. Roll up some socks and get to tossing the bocce balls, just like you are on an Italian vacation.

Have any great ideas for active indoor play? Let us know in the comments!

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