Curl Standing Desk

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s a problem of modern life that our foyers have not yet caught up with. It’s not just about where to stow your hat (if you wear one), but what to do with all the other stuff you carry in and out every day.

Separating bills from junk mail, and mailing payment.

Charging your cell phone, PDA, iPod.

Communicating with your partner or roommate about the need to pick up some more toilet paper.

Keeping track of your wallet, your sunscreen, all those proposition booklets (which need to be recycled, anyway).

Five Quarter Studio recognized that this problem merits a solution, and they came up with the $400 Curl Standing Desk. Curl attaches to a wall (a hallway is fine; foyer not needed) and is comprised of a desk surface to lean on while you write a check or a note, a cork backboard, and a bunch of compartments for mail, gadgets, sunglasses, the penny jar… whatever. The very definition of a landing strip.

Five Quarter Studio’s aesthetic isn’t subtle, and this piece won’t blend into your wallpaper, but we find Curl’s playful looks appealing, and think it would be welcoming in the foyer. A good spot for organizing yourself before heading out into the world.

Available online only, directly from Five Quarter Studio.

This post was re-edited from the original, posted 5/8/06