Good Question: Help Me Find the Shelf

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Reader, Stefania, e-mailed us and asks, “About a month ago, I was leafing through a magazine in the checkout line at the grocery store and I saw the cutest side table which would go perfectly with my daughter’s nursery. It was a bright yellow rectangular-ish table and it seemed to have some curved tiers, about three or four, I can’t remember exactly. It was also available in hot pink, orange, light blue and some other colors. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about, because I don’t remember what magazine it was or the name of the darn thing. Help!”

Well Stefania, we think the side table in question is the suddenly ubiquitous Curvee Shelf by House Eclectic. This two-tiered beauty comes in a myriad of colors, including red, black, yellow, light blue, pink, sage and white and seems to be perfectly at home in any room. It seems just as inviting for a lamp or a plant, as it does for books or some toys.

Do you have a Curvee Shelf in your home? Are they as pretty in real life, as they seem on the internets?