CushionSpeaker: Great For Working With A Laptop On Your Lap

CushionSpeaker: Great For Working With A Laptop On Your Lap

Range Govindan
Sep 4, 2009

Although portable computers are referred to as laptops, it's rare that they are actually comfortable when used on your lap. Initially, it's fine but at a certain point, they start to heat up and that's bad news for your lap. Thankfully, Philips have come up with a solution for this quandary.

With more and more laptops on the market, and people buying them more than desktops, it's become pretty normal to just walk around your home with your laptop to find a different working position. If you are using you laptop on your lap, you'll get hot pretty quick. That's why Philips' Notebook CushionSpeaker is really cool. It makes using your laptop in bed or on the sofa a cinch. The CushionSpeaker has got a soft cushion on the bottom with a flat, hard surface on top. It also includes built-in speakers. Sounds pretty nice!

This product was just announced so prices haven't been revealed. We don't expect it to be very expensive. It's something convenient to have around. It lets you use your laptop in a bunch of different places that were just a bit uncomfortable before, due to the heat generated by your laptop. That being said, we found the product shots featuring women in spandex a bit strange. It looks like they are doing yoga. Why would someone use a laptop while doing yoga?

[via Gizmodo, images via Philips]

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