Cusi & Peter’s Cosy Writers’ Studio

Name: Cusi & Peter
Location: West Village of Manhattan, New York, New York
Type of Home: rent stabilized apartment

Color Inspiration: My husband and I are HUGE color lovers. Both of our mothers have a very strong sense of design and used color in our homes growing up with abandon. So, it’s our normal.

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Cosy Writers’ Studio

Color Inspiration continued: We are both writers and work a lot from home. Our space is really small and we are in it together working a lot of the time. It was very important for the living space to be cozy and conducive to writing and reading. I think color can create that feeling very easily.

The cabinetry was in the apartment when we moved in, so whatever color we painted the walls had to compliment the wood. And the room has a lot of light. So much so, that in sunny months we sometimes have to wear sunglasses inside. We wanted colors that could actually darken the room a bit.

Between the two of us, we have tons of inherited and acquired paintings. We have a lot of friends and family who are painters. So, I knew we were going to have an an art wall and I wanted to use colors that would showcase the paintings.

We chose Tangerine Melt from Benjamin Mores’s classic colors. It’s warm and and bold but also oddly neutral. The color began to inspire all the various orange and blue accents in the room. Ultimately, it gave the room a direction and a purpose.

I never seem to get sick of it. It’s an oddly peaceful color. We only painted the wall in our living room Tangerine Melt. We don’t have that much other wall space, so it makes a bold but elegant statement. It’s the kind of statement you can live with.

Colors Used: Benjamin Moore, Tangerine Melt 91

Color Tip: If you are feeling timid about color, try one wall first. It might be all you need. And of course, get samples and try a big patch on the wall and live with it for a few days. It’s kind of amazing how many colors that can eliminate.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)