Custom Canvas Art From

Custom Canvas Art From

Vivian Kim
Jan 4, 2011

Product: Chic Canvas
Price: $95 - $229 (Varies by size)
Rating: Recommend*

If you've ever wanted to turn your artwork or digital photo into a canvas print to decorate your home, Chic Canvas provides a quick and easy service that does just that. We'll take a look at the options available (including basic editing and customized borders) and examine how our finished piece turned out, after the jump.

Placing the online order was simple enough. After uploading the digital photo of your choice, you're asked what size you'd like to order and the quantity. Prices for these custom canvas prints vary by size and start at $95 for an 11" x 14" piece, going up to $229 for 30" x 40".

After choosing your size and quantity, a few additional options are available: color scheme, basic editing, advanced editing, advanced personalization, and customized border options. The color scheme option is free with 3 types: full color, sepia, and black & white. Basic editing is also free, offering red eye removal, basic color correction, and the removal of date stamps. Advanced editing comes in at an additional $25 (this again only includes 3 choices: blemish removal, focus adjustment and brush strokes). Advanced personalization is $50 (i.e. removing an object from a photo, etc.). When requesting advanced personalization, you'll have to type in and describe what you'd like to have done to the photo in detail. The final customized border option, costs $10 and I ordered a side border in Teal:

Unfortunately even though I ordered the Teal side border (which was indicated on my e-mail receipt), the print I received had no colored border. It was a bit disappointing since I was really looking forward to seeing what the colored border would look like. Overall as far as additional options go, the free add-ons seem a little limited (3 color options, 3 basic editing) and the ones that come at an additional cost don't really seem worth it. Although paying extra to have someone edit your photo may be a nice option to have for those who aren't skilled with photo editing software, things like blemish removal and blur adjustment are relatively quick fixes in Photoshop that you could most likely find a friend or relative to do for you. That being said, it's still nice that the site has these options available for those that need it.

The final print wasn't a disappointment. I started off with a 3024 x 4032 digital image and it showed. The print was high quality—the image itself was sharp and the colors were true to the original photo. The texture of the canvas wasn't super shiny like some of the other custom canvas prints I've seen elsewhere, which was nice. I noticed that the image was cropped in a bit, which was expected since the photo needed to be wrapped around the frame. While placing the order, however, it might have been useful if the preview indicated bleed marks exactly where the photo would get cropped off, just for good measure. I was happy with the final crop on my mine, but it might be useful to have a "crop/bleed preview" in the future.

As great as the piece looked, there was unfortunately a tiny puckering dot defect in the canvas:

From far away the dot isn't too noticeable, but it's a bit of a distraction once you notice it and is quite visible up close. The frame was packaged pretty securely so it doesn't seem like it was damaged during shipping. Aside from that, I was pleased with the mounting. A durable wire is secured along the back of the frame:

- High quality print (when starting off with a high resolution image)
- Color true to original photo
- Durable, secure wire mounting

- Small puckering dot defect on my print
- Order error (custom color side border didn't go through)

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