Custom Exercise Bike Laptop Mount Looks Built-In!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Being an aesthetite and a perfectionist means one thing: We’re unhappy with the results of nearly any DIY project we take on. The success of our DIY projects lies in how little they look ‘homemade.’ But if we had crafted this $20 DIY exercise bike laptop tray, we could rest happy.

Ok, we’ll admit that our generation is probably over-exposed. Our parents were probably enthralled with being able to check out what’s on TV while they rode their stationary bikes. But the constant-contact Twitter generation is bored with TV. We’d rather shorten the treadmill minutes by surfing the Web.

Well thanks to DIY-project-site ManMade, you can have your workout and tweet it too.

With $20 and some hardware store materials, you can cut-and-drill your way to an uber-professional laptop mount for your exercise equipment. Who knows, we might even get to working out more!: