Custom Jack O'Lantern Stencils Using a Projector

Custom Jack O'Lantern Stencils Using a Projector

Vivian Kim
Oct 29, 2010

Recently we told you about some techie ways to carve your Halloween pumpkin. There's another tech-related carving method we wanted to add to the list for those who want to make their Jack O'Lantern a bit more professional-looking with a custom stencil. If you've tried making a custom stencil for your pumpkin before, we'll show you how to make drawing out your design easy with a pocket projector.

Stencils are the way to go when you want to give your Jack O'Lantern a nice clean polished look. There are a number of pre-made stencils out there that you can buy in store or find online and printout yourself. However if you're the type who wants to customize your Halloween pumpkin with an image of your choice, chances are you won't always be able to find a pre-made stencil for the custom image you want to use. You can make your own stencil, but it can be a bit of a hassle, and carving out a pumpkin is enough work as it is.

This is where a pocket projector really comes in handy. Projecting an image onto your pumpkin and drawing it out is a whole lot easier than cutting out your own stencil with scissors and paper (which is even more difficult if you don't have a stencilized image to work with). I tried this out for the first time this year, connecting my iPhone to my Pico pocket projector (which I kept steady on a mini tripod).

Not only are you able to choose from any image you can find on a computer, but you can also scale the image however you want, simply by moving the projector closer or further away. Once I had my image positioned just right, I used a dry erase marker to trace it out and determine where I wanted to make my cuts. I was able to draw everything out in a matter of minutes. In the end it was a super convenient way to draw out my custom image and is a method I plan on continuing to use for future Halloween pumpkin carving parties.

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