Custom Made Stamps To Remember The First Days

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many people have stamped pictures of their children’s feet from when they were little. They’re a great memory, but what if you had the ability to put that hand or foot print on more things? Stationery? Announcements? Party Invitations? Well now you can!

Otete & Anyo has found the perfect way for your little ones to make their mark on this world before they’re even old enough to understand. These adorable little stamps come packed in a keepsake pillow box to keep them safe throughout their life and retail for around $100 ($97ish… depending on the Yen).

You can find out more over at Otete & Anyo, just make sure to click on the English to make things a bit easier to read. How would you put these precious keepsakes to use in your home? Let us know below!

(via: Josh Spear)
(Image: Otete & Anyo)