Custom Options For Frugal DIY Home Theaters

Custom Options For Frugal DIY Home Theaters

Range Govindan
May 4, 2011

We try to examine home improvement projects from a variety of different angles in order to come up with the most cost-effective way of going about things, including home entertainment center projects. Home entertainment centers can be the center of households, and instead of going for a store bought or completely custom built option, you can meet halfway, thanks to some smart hacks.

Custom options for home theaters quickly get overly expensive. Unless you can afford the labor of this, it's best to smartly think about what you can do with your home theater. First, once you've decided exactly where it will be, it's time to check out some furniture that can be easily hacked to get the best results.

IKEA Hacks

1. Brum's Stylish IKEA Lack Living Room Redesign: This is one of the most inspiring hacks that we've come across. While the basis is the Lack bookshelf, it becomes something quite different in Brum's living room.

2. Fitting Home Theater Furniture Flush: While it's not always easy to do so, you can go for a built-in look by trying to fit your home theater furniture flush with your HDTV or some walls. This will be something that takes longer, but it's well worth it to get the end result.

3. Using Hacked Shelves as Entertainment Centers: A few shelves can easily serve as an entertainment center, provided that you cleverly space them. The best shelves for this are floating ones, that will give an airy feel to your home theater area.

4. IKEA's LACK + Dioder = Great Home Entertainment Center: A hack doesn't need to be very complicated. The trick is to get something that will look good in your place, while you minimize the costs. This Lack and Dioder combination is a perfect example of this.

Other Options
5. DIY Custom Cabinets/Shelving: This is an option that we're currently examining for our home. Instead of hiring somebody to do our shelving, we're considering doing it ourselves. We'll probably get the help of a local handyman which will get us started, but shelving is quite easy to put together, once you get all of the measurements right.

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