Customize Inmod Duvets and Pillows Online

Customize Inmod Duvets and Pillows Online

Gregory Han
Nov 4, 2009

Our bedding had seen better days. A few years back our younger and rowdier felines tore up our duvet, thanks to their razor sharp claws, and we never got around to replacing it. But recently we decided to update our bedding by adding a duvet, since the two troublemakers have simmered down (mostly). We turned to our penchant for doing everything online using a service that gives customers the ability to customize their patterns to match their decor...

The first thing we did when using Inmod Design Studio's Design Your Own Duvet was to figure out which pattern we wanted. As we've got a soothing, subtle nature theme in our bedroom, we decided upon the "Viney" pattern (it reminded us of coastal sea grass). Next, you're prompted to choose from a selection of fabric colours and materials. Emily and I battle a common issue of "a little hot vs. a little too cold", so we settled upon the linen/cotton blend from the other options of cotton, cotton casement and silk dupioni. Like an Bahamian or International Male catalog shopper knows, linen does a great job of keeping the body cool while providing enough comfort/warmth when needed.

Customers are then allowed to customize embroidery details and the overall fabric colours (number of colour options vary depending upon pattern chosen). This is the hardest part for two reasons: 1) there are a near infinite amount of colourway combinations; half the fun/problems is heading off on a tangent with different colours that may or may not work with your decor and Emily and I spent quite a while trying to agree on which colours we wanted to update with (we ended up going fairly neutral/subtle), 2) colours on a screen are not ideal for colour accuracy, so there's a bit of leap of faith if you order completely using the website. But Inmod has that base covered, offering a Custom Modern Bedding Swatch Samples Kit, which provides up to 5 fabric samples of your choice with a card with all of the embroidery colors. Prices vary depending on material chosen, but for reference, a queen size cotton duvet will run you $134 while a linen version will ring in at $239 (high rollers can opt for the $354 silk, relaxing to their champagne wishes and caviar dreams).

A few weeks later our duvet and a couple pillowcases arrived and we're quite pleased with the quality and finish. And our bed looks much nicer with a proper duvet instead of the plain, worn comforter that once topped our bed. We admit, we didn't order the swatch samples kit, so we sighed a bit of relief that our colour guesstimate worked out fine in the scheme of our bedroom's palette and the linen/cotton blend has done a fine job of being comfortable as the autumn temperatures fluctuate wildly between hot as heck to (LA-ish) chilly. We just have to keep an eye on our cats, as they've immediately become fond of the new duvet themselves, those two stinkers.

Have fun toying around with the Inmod Design Studio's Design Your Own Duvet here.

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