Customize Your New iPod in Different Ways

Customize Your New iPod in Different Ways

Range Govindan
Mar 27, 2009

iPods are great music players. Personally, I have trouble with iTunes, but maybe that's because I don't have a Mac yet. Still, after about 8 years and only two different iPods in all of that time, one iPod 40GB with the old school screen and one iPod Classic 160GB from last year, I'm pretty satisfied with the little gizmo. My iPod Classic has been running every day since last January, without ever so much as a glitch. The battery lasts pretty long. Even though I use it every day, I only charge it once every two weeks. That's pretty impressive. Some people might think that the iPods are a bit sober in colors. It's true that they tend to be black or white or covered in brushed aluminum. This is why I really find that customizing your iPod is a good idea. It makes it unique, and all of us like having stuff that is unique.

If you're thinking about getting a new iPod Shuffle, but you're kind of unimpressed by the brushed aluminum look that they've got going, maybe getting it anodized in candy colors might be just for you. For a surcharge of about $50, Computer Choppers will color anodize your iPod Shuffle. These colors are much more durable than paint, and are electrochemically bound to the metal so that they won't flake. Prices start at about $130 and go up to $200 if you want it plated in platinum. But if you're looking for a splash of color, this will do nicely.

We've mentioned laser etching and engraving before, but they still rock. Take a look at what is possible by checking out this post which rounds up our favorites.

Etchstar is a company that specializes in laser etchings. The above iPod belongs to Coveroo and the back has been beautifully etched. This is another way of customizing your iPod in a remarkable way.

What's my problem with iTunes? Well, if you work off multiple machines, let's say laptops and desktops, synchronizing music is a pain with iTunes because to add a tune, you need to synchronize the whole library. You can't just add a tune offhand. What I mean is that let's say I have some new music on my laptop and I want to add it to my iPod, I need to transfer my music to my desktop, since my iPod is synchronized with that library. If I synchronize it with my laptop, all my music gets erased, which totally sucks. Let's just imagine that you aren't home for a while, let's say you're spending a few months away and you couldn't take your whole music collection with you. That means you can't update the music on your iPod for a long while, until you get back, or until you just erase it. There are some good points when you do this, because you just put new music on your iPod all of the time, but I find that I like having ALL of my music on my iPod. It's just better. Another thing that I find kind of strange is why Apple decided not to bring out a 500GB iPod this year. If they would have done so, combined with a widescreen touch interface, I would have upgraded. Since they haven't, I'm happy with my iPod Classic. [via Technabob, laser etched iPod photo by Coveroo]

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