Customized Tech Lessons for Your Non-Techy Parents

Customized Tech Lessons for Your Non-Techy Parents

Jesse Leikin
May 9, 2011

With more and more families integrating tech into their lives, there's a good chance this Mother's Day you mom received a new computer, tablet or smart phone as a gift (hopefully with some flowers too). However, if you're the go-to tech guru in your family, family gatherings can quickly turn into impromptu tech classes with you as the teacher. Instead of spending your time teaching and reteaching the same thing over and over ("No Mom, you did not win a Nigerian lottery....again!"), let Google help you out with is a site that was started by a couple Googlers who face the same problems as you and I - their family is always asking for help doing simple tech tasks. To solve this, they started Teach Parents Tech, which lets you set up a quick lesson plan for your beloved parents. With 50+ basic how-to videos, you will no longer need to re-teach the same basic and mundane tasks over and over again. Simply select a group of videos, enter the recipients email, and off it goes. Here's one we created as an example for Mom and creating strong passwords:

This self proclaimed "tech support care package" will allow you to show Mom how to use her new Mother's Day computer to upload photos and even video chat all with her children and grandchildren. What makes this even better is that next time you have a family get-together you won't have to waste that precious time with technology lessons. Instead you will get to truly enjoy those great family moments.

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